About the project

The 80's marked the introduction of digital art into the mainstream with computers entering our homes.

Today as NFTs take centre stage of a new digital art revolution, Club Gorgon represents this with its retro futuristic style paying homage to our roots.

Introducing our very first, digitally hand drawn Medusa NFT Art membership passes.

Your Medusa NFT will serve as a key to Club Gorgon membership. Medusa with her origins in mythology is our expression of the essence of NFTs. Still to be explained rationally, conceptual in nature, stylistically digital, staring directly at you with its cold gaze. Drawing you in, knowing that we all want to discover more. And so, she is the manifestation of this journey, multiplied by 6666 and made of unique 160+ traits inviting you to take part. All avatar traits and attributes will be generated randomly and revealed after the public sale.
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Our vision
We aim to establish a Metaverse native and community centric ART-DAO, thus bringing together the worlds of digital and physical art in one place, creating a CURATED ART PLATFORM where selected artists' works will be airdropped to the members of Club Gorgon. Because of this we see ourselves as the go to phygital art club of the future.
What to expect
As a member of Club Gorgon you will be able to mint exclusive NFT artwork by curated artists from all over the world. This membership will grant you access to members only on-chain and off-chain events as well as voting rights in the form of airdropped governance tokens and fractional ownership over the DAOs treasury (in the future). In addition, members will be eligible for monthly free NFT art airdrops.
How to mint?
How to mint the Medusa?

Club Gorgon exists on Elrond blockchain. To mint your Medusa NFT membership pass you will need to:

  • 1

    Download Maiar Wallet App and set up your Elrond wallet. Instructions if needed : www.maiar.com

  • 2

    Buy EGLD via the Maiar App or use an exchange and send the EGLD to your Elrond wallet/Maiar App.

  • 3

    Click the MINT button on our website and connect via the Maiar App to mint your membership Medusa NFT.

  • 4

    You just minted your Medusa NFT! Enjoy all the benefits of being our clubs privileged member!

Initial focus
Monthly NFT airdrops
On & Off chain events
Community governance
Artists & Influencers podcasts
3D rendering of Medusa avatars
Real artist collabs
Initial phase


How many Club Gorgon membership Medusa NFTs are there?
There is 6666 Medusa NFTs.
How much does a Club Gorgon membership Medusa NFT cost?
The price is 1.7 EGLD
Will there be more than 6666 Medusa NFTs?
No. There will only be 6666 Club Gorgon membership Medusa NFTs.
How can I become a member?
You can MINT your membership Medusa NFTs here at www.clubgorgon.com or buy your Medusa NFT on secondary marketplaces, such as www.trust.market & www.deadrare.io
What wallets can I use to receive/hold my Medusa NFT?
Club Gorgon is a project on Elrond Network. You can use Maiar Wallet, Elrond Web Wallet or a Ledger to store your Medusa NFT.
How do I get entitled to members only benefits?
All you have to do is to hold your Medusa NFT in your wallet.
What is the maximum amount of Medusa NFTs I can mint?
You can mint up to 10 Medusa NFT in one transaction.
Are all Medusa NFTs same?
They are all equal in terms of members privileges but not the same. Medusa NFTs are totally unique, meaning that each Medusa is visually different. They are digitally hand drawn and generated using more than 200+ traits.
Are there any rarities?
Yes. All though all of them are equal, some of the traits are less common than the others.
When will you reveal the rarity ranking?
Rarity ranking will be revealed together with our planned upgrade of the project website.
How can I receive my monthly curated NFT art airdrops?
The only condition for airdrop eligibility is to have a Medusa NFT in your wallet. Each month we take a snapshot of Medusa NFT holder wallets 24 hours prior the airdrop.
How can I submit my art & proposal as an artist/project?
Currently you are welcome to contact our team members through our Social Media Accounts or use our Discord server. In the near future we will have a dedicated section on our website.